Shawna Finizio

"I Want to thank everyone at Allies in Hand Therapy for everything! My hand would not be where it is today without them. I love coming here everyone is so friendly and helpful would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for hand therapy."



Dr. Leornard Nicosia

This is a wonderful place for hand therapy. Everyone is very friendly and very competent. I personally have arthritis of the hands and am recovering from hand surgery. I started therapy about ten days after my surgery and have made very nice progress all due to the great staff. I recommend this facility one hundred percent.


Diana Coppola

Allies in Hand Therapy in Wayne has a wonderful staff. Their care is exceptionally specific to a patient's needs on a daily basis. Priti is always in contact with one's physician and I relied on her guidance every step of the way during my therapy. I am a returning client, due to my physical needs. I live 60 miles away and have several other options for therapy but will return here because of the entire staff's devoted, knowledgable and courteous treatment. I recommend anyone in need of therapy to Allies.



Following a stent in my heart, I experienced chest tightness. The cardiologist performed a second catheterization one week later. After months of experiencing the same chest tightness, a third catheterization was performed. I thought it could be muscular and went to my chiropractor who could not understand or fix the problem. Years later, I was fortunate to be referred to Priti Shah. She recommended dry needling which miraculously moved the muscles. I am not only relieved of my chest tightness but now my back and shoulders are in balance creating proper posture. Thank you Priti!